Founded in 2018, LOCAL is a lifestyle brand born out of Abu Dhabi that combines inspiration from the capital with our Western influences to create and build authentic cultures that represent us as founders and our communities. We are built around an inherent focus on quality for all our products and services and providing new experiences and locations for the city.

LOCAL Zeina, Abu Dhabi’s first concept store, opened in October 2018. The store was the integration of three different but complementary businesses in one location; a specialty coffee shop, a western barbershop and an exclusive sneaker consignment store. Our Zeina location moved to a bigger unit in July 2023 and the improved LOCAL came with a full kitchen, a bigger seating area and a curated retail space replaced the sneaker consignment store.

Our second location opened in July 2021 on Soul Beach at Mamsha Saadiyat. This beachfront location includes a coffee bar, grab & go sandwiches and pastries, a barbershop and a curated retail area with selected brands across lifestyle and homeware products.
Contact Information

Al Zeina Complex, Block C, Abu Dhabi

+971 2 555 3339


Open daily: 07:00 - 23:00

Contact Information

Mamsha Saadiyat, Al Saadiyat Island, Cultural District, Abu Dhabi

+971 2 546 6020


Open daily: 08:00 - 23:00